Office Productivity
from Waypoint

Productivity means working from your business’ core—establishing and aligning basic platforms and infrastructure—all the way out to an efficient end user experience. Here, the video explains Microsoft’s vision and  how Waypoint solutions work from both ends of your organization, using our best-in-class technology partnerships and certified service expertise to create a fluid, efficient whole.

With today’s increasingly mobile workforce, it’s an ongoing challenge to keep up with people’s changing work preferences while also maintaining governance and control. At the same time, trends such as flexible work styles, bring your own device (BYOD) and software-as-a service (SaaS) are gaining momentum worldwide. So many office productivity solutions, so little time.

Organizations today must support a distributed and multi-generational workforce relying more and more on mobile computing platforms to be productive anywhere, anytime. Workers are also rapidly adopting cloud solutions, making it difficult to balance the local and remote architecture.

Why Waypoint For Office Productivity Solutions

-Single source provider of software and services solutions

-Certified and trained Microsoft Engineers

-SMB Microsoft Services Partners

As IT infrastructure costs and complexities rise, all organizations wrestle to ensure maximum productivity and strive to meet greater computing demands with leaner, greener architectures.

Waypoint Office Productivity Solutions

Solutions Benefits
Core Infrastructure

  • Desktop/Endpoint Optimization
  • Systems Management
  • Virtualization
  • Identity Management
  • Directory
Manage your office, data centers, client devices and hybrid cloud IT environments.

    • Deliver flexible work experiences for enhanced mobile productivity.
    • Eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity.
    • Improve user experience and productivity.
    • Increase security and control.

Insight solutions help efficiently manage your data centers, client devices and hybrid cloud IT environments to save time, increase scalability and reduce costs.

Business Productivity

  • Messaging
  • Unified Communications
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Information Worker
Enable your people to share their work and collaborate with each other, organize projects and teams, and access and coordinate resources.

  • Streamline the management and control of data, content and processes.
  • Simplify how people communicate and share expertise.
  • Make processes and content management more efficient.
  • Enable your IT department to increase responsiveness and have a strategic impact on the organization.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office® and Citrix hosting solutions, Insight’s productivity tools enable end-to-end communications for messaging, IM and presence, conferencing and voice.

Application Platform

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
Gain visibility into all of your data across multiple platforms, aggregated and presented in a familiar Microsoft-based interface.

  • Gain intelligence into your performance and take action to improve your business.
  • Align your applications and core business processes.
  • Assess the workload performance of your existing business-critical applications.
  • Prioritize the application and infrastructure investments that will drive the greatest return for your business.

Insight leverages your existing IT investments to gain intelligence into your performance and enable you to take action to improve your business and increase productivity.

How Waypoint Can Help

Best-in-class office productivity solutions enable communication and collaboration across multiple devices and work styles to help improve management, save money and raise productivity through cloud, on-premise or hybrid architectures.

Waypoint offers cloud computing on your terms, working with you to understand your complex infrastructure options and decide how best to meet your business goals.

We can help your organization make the right IT decisions for your business through deployment planning and assessment engagements. As a trusted advisor in office productivity solutions, Insight provides full lifecycle services from planning to deployment to operating and refreshing.