Save Time, Save Money and Simplify IT Deployment

Simplify the deployment of new technology into your environment with Waypoint’s Integration Services. Count on our certified technicians to perform a wide range of services from software imaging and hardware configuration to complex builds of rack servers and networks.


  • Reduce onsite configuration time with plug and play solutions
  • Decrease deployment and rollout costs
  • Simplify multi vendor deployments
  • Meet project goals with predictable SLAs

Basic AV/IT Systems Integration

Waypoint can configure a wide range of technology products—desktops, notebooks, printers, networking components and servers—to your exact specifications. Certified technicians and rigorous quality processes ensure each unit is configured to your exact specifications.

  • Power-on self test (POST)
  • Virus scan and QA checks
  • Asset tagging
  • Installation of components
  • Basic image and software loads

Advanced AV/IT Integration

Advanced Integration Services provide the highest level of customization, including large-scale rollouts of workstations, servers, and connectivity equipment and systems. Services include:

  • Completely assembled rack solutions including populated 21U and 42U racks
  • Fully-configured network operating systems
  • Custom desktop and notebook configurations
  • True plug-and-play LAN solutions
  • Client connectivity to network to ease image management
  • Custom image loads
  • Data center builds

Image Development

A standard image provides many business benefits including reduced IT maintenance and costs, simplified installation and faster time-to-use for new hardware. Waypoint’s imaging experts can help you develop a standard image. A client specific standard image can include:

  • Operating systems
  • Device drivers
  • Standard application loads
  • Standard OS configuration settings

Image Management

Image Management simplifies the update process and allows for quick systems integration of new hardware platforms. Ongoing maintenance of a client specific image includes:

  • Standard application revisions
  • Standard OS configuration updates
  • Patch and firmware updates
  • Device driver updates

Case Study

South River Golf Club


Integrate and deploy a comprehensive communications and entertainment services platform in a retrofit private golf club.


Design a robust and scalable Cisco Network platform that seamlessly integrates with IP enabled Crestron controlled media…