One of the most daunting phases of a technology transition is the time it takes your people to get comfortable again. Productivity can take a serious hit if your best employees abandon mission-critical objectives to “get to know” new equipment and establish new routines.

Waypoint minimizes that transition with a multi-phased, IT systems implementation plan. Our engineers install, test and validate your equipment, so it’s ready to plug-and-play. Our implementation team spends days on-site, transferring operational knowledge in a timely and trackable manner, so your employees can operate systems in confidence – and you can upgrade IT without sacrificing efficiency.

Infrastructure Engineering

Smooth changeovers are part of the plan with Insight. We configure your server, storage, network and virtualization solutions with a detailed, low-level design that streamlines installation – reducing transition time and costs. Our on-site engineers bring your new IT systems up to speed while your employees remain focused and productive.

Project Management Experience

Our PMP certified project managers bring proven methodologies and a wealth of installation and IT systems implementation experience to your site. Your server, storage, network and/or software technologies go in, power up and begin producing – on time, and on budget.

Multi-Site Deployment

Large-scale systems deployment? Centralized command center? Limited deployment window? Waypoint’s implementation specialists have delivered solutions to thousands of clients, in countless installation scenarios. We work with you, to ensure your IT implementation is executed with maximum efficiency.

Case Study

500 security guards to go. How a national building supply distributor improved physical security.


Provide 24/7 guard services in otherwise unsecure remote areas.


Comprehensive planning provided a national plan to develop, acquire, configure, and deploy hundreds of managed IP cameras to Beacon Roofing Supply Centers across the country.  Read more…